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Sally’s Favorite Traveling tips


Sally’s Favorite Traveling tips

Someone once said that if you think Travel is dangerous - try routine, it’s lethal. I totally and unequivocally agree. As I type this, I am fully aware that I’m vitamin SEA deficient. I’d love to go somewhere and bury my feet in the sand while sipping on a fruity cocktail but the way my life is set up at the moment.....I’m however starting to embrace traveling around my schedule and my needs. It doesn’t have to be an all out extravaganza....sometimes all I need is a weekend in Virginia two hours away from my house with breakfast in bed. Do what makes you happy and definitely utilize some of these very helpful tips - I know I will! 

On this second part of Sally’s interview, she gives us some tips on how to travel on a budget. Be sure to download her free ebook to get all the sauce! 

What has been your best trip so far?

I would to say Croatia.  This was the place I spent the most time outside of Kenya & US.  It was my first destination after quitting my job & taking on the nomadic lifestyle.

Croatia is filled with natural beauty with wonderful people to match. They embraced me wholeheartedly even with my limited knowledge of the Croatian language (Hrvatski). I was able to explore the country widely during my 3 month stay there. Seeing the Dalmatian coastline up close was spectacular!  Each stop on a 7 night luxury cruise was more stunning than the last. As a Game Of Thrones fan, it was exciting exploring various GOT shooting locations in different cities of Croatia.

Sally in Croatia

Who’s the majority of audience on your travel blog, and why? What are you doing to increase your reach? 

My largest audience is in Kenya followed by US.  I think Kenya leads the pack as most can relate to me as a fellow Kenyan. To increase my reach, I have to consistently put out quality & honest content (blog/social media) that will help & inspire my audience to: find affordable travel, flight deals, share tips that work, be fearless in solo travel pursuits, seek out unpopular destinations & promote local travel.

What sacrifices have you made along the way to facilitate your traveling? 

Living a modest lifestyle helps a great deal. I had to learn how to adopt the minimalist lifestyle & this was HARD!  Going from more than 50 pairs of shoes to 5 was something I never thought I could do.  I stopped buying the latest gadgets or buying into the latest trends.  I have to constantly ask myself if giving up that item will leave me with more money to buy a travel experience that will last a lifetime (memories). Living out of a suitcase also forced me to give away & sell all my belongings.  What I have received in return is priceless! No regrets whatsoever

Sally in Paris (France)

What can you count as your accomplishments and successes?

My biggest accomplishment to date is being able to live my life on my own terms unapologetically.  I don’t follow social norms (especially for a Kenyan who expected to follow a certain path). When I decided quit a comfortable job with many perks to travel indefinitely, most people including my family were stunned & questioned my decision. Some had genuine concerns but some projected their own doubts & negativity on me. I also did not have anyone from my community to look up to or seek advice from when I too started getting cold feet.  However, thankfully, there’s a large community online of people who live unconventionally & were very inspiring.

What Tips on traveling on a budget can you give to our readers?

I wrote an ebook with all the hacks I use to allow me travel more.  A FREE download is available at 

Sally in Paris (France)

My favorite tips are:

  1. Travel during the low season - you are spared from the crowds & it’s cheaper as demand is lower.
  2. Sign up for flight deal alerts at: &   
  3. Travel to less popular destinations.  Eastern Europe is a great example.  You can stretch your funds here & there are many hidden gems.  Croatia, Montenegro & Hungary (Budapest) were amazing & very affordable.
  4. Get a Credit Card/s with great travel perks & a high sign-up bonus. 
  5. Seek alternative accommodation methods.  AirBnB is a great example. I have stayed at amazing listings for half the price of a traditional hotel.  

What are your Short and long term goals with regards to travel, and also in life? 

My short term goal is to visit as many countries as I can slowly allowing me to truly immerse myself in the cultures of the different locations. Long term goal is to have my own travel show to bring people along on my travels as we explore hidden gems, Budget travel & more.

What Advise would you give to aspiring travelers? 

Don’t listen to what they say, go see!! Someone else’s opinion is subjective.  Go and create your own experiences & your own story.  Our world is incredibly beautiful, you will be in awe of it. Also don’t wait for others to travel! Just go solo if you must.  Don’t be afraid.People are inherently good around the world. Trust your instincts though.

Can you give us a parting shot or a mantra that you live by? 

The greatest risk in life is not taking one.  Life is short.  You have no clue when this ride will end. Stay present & live fearlessly.

Sally at Atlantis (Bahamas)

I always think of an excuse when travel comes up - work, time, finances - but I’ll now be sure to follow my heart and live a little. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive and neither does it have to be tailored to any expectations - I hope that you learnt something from Sally and that you’ll be sharing your experiences with us on your social media accounts so that we can all live vicariously through you!

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