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Light Manufacturing



The Light Manufacturing sector is considered to be an ideal industry to drive Nigeria’s development due to the labor-intensive, export-focused nature of the business. Manufacturing activity in Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco account for two-thirds of the continent’s factory activity in nominal US dollar terms .



The Light Manufacturing presents a U$10.29 billion opportunity in import substitution. With over 182 million people of whom over 40 million are in the growing middle class, Nigeria represents a major potential opportunity for investments in this sector.

Nigeria’s labor force population increased to about 78.4 million in Q1 2016, with an average monthly wage of N41, 942 (US$120).

Main investment Opportunity

  • Auto components (Auto parts and replacement accessories)
  • Textile and Footwear (Embroidery, Synthetic Filament Yarn Woven Fabric, Non-Knit Men & Women’s Suit, Light Pure Woven Cotton, Knit T-Shirts, etc.)
  • White Goods (Centrifuge, Refrigerator, Washing and Bottling Machines, Air-conditioners)
  • ICT Equipment (Telephones, Computers, Broadcasting Equipment and Accessories)
  • Electrical, Electronics (Electric Generating Sets, Video Displays, Electrical Transformers, Insulated Wire, Low Voltage Protection Equipment, Electrical Control Boards)


  • Investment Incentives

    • Pioneer Status (tax holiday) granted for 3 years and renewed for the next two years
    • 100 percent repatriation of profit net of taxes
    • Capital allowance not restricted. Granted in full -100%
    • Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement: The IPPA helps to guarantee the safety of investment of the contracting parties in the event of war, revolution, expropriation or nationalization.



    “By opening a location in Nigeria, we’re taking a decisive step forward in expanding our presence in West Africa”.

    The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services, active in the fields of Mobility Solutions, Energy and Building Technology, Industrial Technology, and Consumer Goods.


    Bosch Automotive Parts and Accessories:

    • Drive belts
    • Batteries
    • Brake systems
    • Filters
    • Spark plugs
    • Glow plugs
    • Lambda sensors
    • Lighting technology
    • Park pilot
    • Windscreen wipers
    • Ignition systems
    • Horns and fanfares

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    “Our commitment to a safe and reliable grid network, access to energy to non-connected communities and overall improved quality of energy in Nigeria for over 35 years is growing stronger everyday, ensuring that Life is on everywhere, for everyone and at every moment”.


    Schneider Electric, SE, is a French multinational corporation that specializes in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management.

    Since 1978, the corporation have been present through partners, agents and distributors. Schneider Electric established its liaison office in 2002 to provide Power & Control solutions from within Nigeria. It became a full subsidiary in 2005, providing Energy Management solutions to key markets including Commercial and Residential Buildings, Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Industries, Power & Energy.

    From its hub in Nigeria, Schneider Electric provides core Energy- Management and Renewable Energy solutions to English West Africa sub regions for Energy, Power, Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Finance and Buildings.

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