iDiasporan .:. We help African Living as community.

Tips and Faq

How to upload your business

Create your FREE PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PROFILE in under ten minutes and we will market it directly to a targeted African Diaspora audience. Your business profile comes with a fully-fledged E-Commerce engine that allows you to upload and sell products and services directly to your customers via our secure Paypal Checkout Gateway. You will need a Paypal Account to receive payments on your profile.

Our system allows you to create a business profile in any category such as restaurants, catering, lawyer services and much more, making it easier for users to find and support your business.

Step 1
Create a business profile

Step 2
Add your paypal account to receive payments securely. If you do not have a paypal account please-sign up for your free paypal account.

Step 3
Upload your products and services

What you get

1. Free professional business storefront.
2. Free marketing for your business to a targeted African diaspora audience.
3. Get paid via our secured Paypal payment checkout for all your products and services.
4. Vetted business reviews from local African community
5. Network and share your business with other African owned businesses in the community.

How to upload your event

iDiasporan allows anyone to upload , market and sell event tickets directly on your profile. Our system allows you to upload events on many categories such as networking, Dj events, announcements, festivals and much more. We do the heavy lifting and marketing it to a targeted African audience so you won't have to.

Step 1
Upload your event information

Step 2
Add your event ticket information

Step 3
Sell your event tickets online

What you get

1. Upload your events and events tickets.
2. Sell your tickets services such as RSVP, table services etc and get paid via our secure paypal gateway.
3. Get your events marketed to targeted African audience.

How to create a DJ , Event Promoter, MC or Artist profile

iDiasporan provides a fully-fledged BOOKING ENGINE that allows DJs, Event Promoters, Artists and MCs to upload their booking services and get paid via our secure Paypal gateway. The system also allows DJs, and MCs to upload their event schedule for the season that keeps your fans apprised on where your next event will be. This booking engine is a powerful tool that allows you to grow your business and get paid for doing what you love.

Step 1
Upload your Dj, Promoter, MC or Artist information

Step 2
Upload your seasonal events schedule, booking services as well as packages

Step 3
Upload and showcase your booking services as well as packages

What you get

1. A Free DJ, Event Promoter , Artists or MC professional business profile.
2. Event schedule listing that lists all your event details for the season to a targeted African Audience.
3. Sell ticket services such as RSVP, Table services via our secured Paypal gateway.
4. A Booking engine that automatically checks your availability against your schedule and allows you to sell your booking services and get paid safely and securely.
5. DJs can upload their mixtapes which we stream to our audience.

Selling on the Marketplace

iDiasporan has a marketplace where business owners can sell their products and services to a global African diaspora audience. Whether it’s a local brick and mortar store or an online store , our marketplace helps you maximize your sales .
iDiasporan does not charge our users to upload their businesses , events , products and services . We only collect a small fee connected with any sale transaction under taken on the platform. You only get charged when you make a sale.

Our Fees

• 3.5% Commission
• 3.5% Gateway fees ( Charged for the payment gateway costs )
• $1.25 Per Transaction
We allow event promoters to pass the fees to the event goer and keep 100% of their tickets sales

• 3.5% Commission
• 3.5% Gateway fees ( Charged for the payment gateway costs )
• $ 1.25 per Transaction

What Investment Information do we provide?

Diasporan takes the guesswork out of identifying investments in Africa by curating a growing list of over 500 investment opportunities from agribusiness, energy, tech and much more. We collaborate with various investment boards from countries such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda to provide you with a free updated list of the latest investment opportunities from Africa.
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