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About Us

iDiasporan is a web platform that helps Africans living the global diaspora to come together as a community by supporting their businesses, investments, events, products and services.

Our Vision

To promote and grow the African diaspora into a global community that creates a positive impact and value to the lives of all its members.

Our Mission

• To create a global network of Africans living in the diaspora

• To provide a structure in place that allows Africans living in the diaspora grow their businesses, events, products and services.

Our Story

During its inception, iDiasporan was originally designed as a portal to help Africans living in the diaspora discover long term investments back in their country of origin. One of the major challenges the iDiasporan Co-founders Mucheru Njaga and Keziah Nyambura faced was the lack of information and proper structure that allowed them to make informed decisions when trying to invest back home. As a result, they released the first iteration of the iDiasporan platform that provided free detailed information on investment opportunities available in the East African Region such as Healthcare, Agribusiness, Tech and much more.

Since its launch in 2016 at the Annual Las Vegas Rugby event, the platform has been used by Africans all over the world and the feedback we received has been incredible. In our quest to deliver more value to our members, our team at iDiasporan decided to expand our platform to promote African diaspora owned businesses, events, products and services at their countries of residence. Our goal was to have a seamless experience that allowed us to promote and build ourselves within the African diaspora community and our new update provides the structure to deliver on that promise.

Our team at iDiasporan believes that Africa is the future and we hope to bring a positive contribution to her impact and growth.

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