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On set with DJ Terry TheHippiie

I met DJ Terry years ago. How many you ask? No idea....but it was somewhere in DC. During the time that I’ve known her, she’s been an epitome of calm and class. She’s the kind of woman that I love to be around. One that is confident of who she is, knows who she is and is looking to break barriers and grow. Ever had a conversation woman to woman and realized that this is the kind of ....

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The Rise of The Afrobeat Scene with Eche Enziga

The Afro-beat scene is now coming of age and we had an opportunity to sit down with Eche Enziga, the founder of Afropolitan SF. He’s spearheading the movement in the bay area with his sights set on the world.  I was actually surprised that our paths had not crossed considering the fact that I’d attended some of his events in Oakland, as it’s my old stomping ground.  It indeed is ....

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Sally’s Favorite Traveling tips

Someone once said that if you think Travel is dangerous - try routine, it’s lethal. I totally and unequivocally agree. As I type this, I am fully aware that I’m vitamin SEA deficient. I’d love to go somewhere and bury my feet in the sand while sipping on a fruity cocktail but the way my life is set up at the moment.....I’m however starting to embrace traveling around my schedule ....

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My Business Journey in the diaspora

Everyone, as much as we don’t say it out loud, has “baskets” - for lack of a better word - that we put each person that we encounter. Sheila, to me, is that one person that I know will motivate and push me to be a better version of myself even when I am in doubt. 

She’s that person that has been able to break into the greater African market and even into the American m ....

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Meeting Sally

Traveling is always that one thing that each of us desires.....some of us plunge in, while some of us live vicariously through travelers like our Kenyan travel expert and highlight of this week, Sally. I officially met Sally for the first time in Las Vegas at the famous Kenyan after party spot AKA Watering hole, Planet Hollywood. We were both pretty hammered, and we devoured some Earl’s sandw ....

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